A bet on Europe

We would like to briefly, by way of memory, to bring back to mind our activities as members and investigators who, day after day, have supported and encouraged us to move forward. From 1989 to the present day, our bet has been to invest in young people and their direct participation in European programmes (Youth for Europe, Petra, Tempus, Leonardo, Socrates, etc...). Numerous initiatives and works have been carried out, having as a minimum common denominator the quality of young Europeans, the enhancement of our territory, our natural and rural heritage, the numerous opportunities for local development.
Those who read the law will certainly remember the Italian language and culture courses for foreign citizens and cultural operators, the initiatives of environmental recovery and protection (fields of work, fire-fighting) rediscovery of some monuments and areas of the area of the nature reserve Lakes Long and Ripasottile, the initiatives for the European Year of Tourism (1990) of study visits and cultural exchanges between young people and youth associations European and international (over 40 with which you entered
In order to carry out our activities, the research and investigations (which were later spread in several languages in many European Union countries) of Luigino Vannozzi have proved indispensable, which still today constitute a very valid example and a heritage of how it is possible to reconstruct our identity starting from our most distant roots.
The assessment of our expectations could be said to be broadly positive and, above all, the bonds between young people have established themselves after years of intense collaboration in a deep friendship and mutual esteem. The heritage of ideas and experiences that have gathered many young people from Rivodutri and the surrounding area, today adults, can take a further step forward if we never lose sight of the spirit and the thread that has guided our association (C. I. C. C. U. E. and C. R. E.) in recent years in the various activities carried out throughout the Region and Europe. I would like to be able to renew our investigators and friends a bet; the activities of the association will continue to improve and intensify
ensure a high level of mutual communication on the concrete opportunities in our country to achieve
small, a successful example for European unity.
We should increasingly identify specific projects and areas of common partnership with interested European realities by consolidating permanent communication networks and exchanges of experience in the fields of training, mobility and compatible development of leisure time. In this regard, our cultural association has collaborated and made possible European twinning projects between the municipality of Rivodutri and rural and mountain municipalities in Europe, (Candelario Spain and Seregeryes Hungary). And it recognizes its own merits and those of all associations and institutions in having given credit and concrete support to our initial bet.