European Rural Center

The European Rural Center was founded in 1988 by a spontaneous initiative of a group from the province of Rieti, proposing and assisting associative forms that are aimed at enhancing human and environmental resources in disadvantaged areas.
Our group, which presents itself as a local non-profit-making association whose supporters are organised on a voluntary basis, has as its main objective the achievement, through a specific educational project, of the independence and spirit of initiative useful for the development of a rural and European youth community that seeks the most suitable means for a better quality of life, helping to prepare young people for the transition to adult life.
The group also aims to enhance and protect the historical, artistic and environmental heritage by launching micro realizations, information activities and mobility programmes, innovative methodologies for the involvement and leading role of young people in our community and with other groups at European level.
These initiatives are carried out within the framework of an integrated system of project interventions which also involves local administrations and tried-and-tested bodies (sports, leisure, environmental, musical associations, etc.).
Currently the association C. R. E. E. Centro Rurale Europeo has set up an information desk managed by young people, aimed at encouraging young people, especially disadvantaged ones, to carry out innovative activities, exchange of experiences, mobility opportunities and leisure time employment services.

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